31 December 2018

Kissing Expert Archbishop Forbids Latin Mass

One of Francis's pals continues the war on Tradition.

From Gloria.tv

La Plata Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández, Argentina, forbad to celebrate Mass in Latin on the main altar in his archdiocese.

According to AdelanteLaFe.com, he published two decrees on December 17 and 24. The first abolishes all previous archdiocesan liturgical norms. Fernández' predecessor, Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer used to be excellent.

The second decree orders that any Mass must be celebrated only in the Novus Ordo, in the vernacular, and on a meal table turning the back of the priest to God. The decree contradicts Church law and is therefore invalid.

Fernández is a ghostwriter for Pope Francis. He became famous for having authored a book about the "art of kissing".

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