31 December 2018

German Bishops Awarded Spiegel Fake-News Journalist

Of course the German Bishops gave him a award for promoting the death of Germany and of Europe.

From Gloria.tv

The German oligarch media are in shock after Claas Relotius, 33, a star journalist with the German Der Spiegel, was exposed as an impostor.

The award-winning journalist made up stories, facts and even interviews in order to serve the oligarchs' narrative. Der Spiegel is a furiously anti-Catholic German magazine founded by a former Nazi journalist and Wehrmacht officer.

Not surprisingly, Relotius was also decorated by the [decadent] German bishops. Last year they awarded him with the 5000 Euro Katholischer Medienpreis [Catholic media award] for the schmaltzy July 2016 article “Königskinder” [The King's Children].

The article was geared toward stirring up anti-Syria sentiments and promoting mass-immigration. It told the lachrymose story of a refugee boy living on the street in Turkey who had to bury his dead mother and whose little sister was forced to work in a textile factory.

Now, Der Spiegel had to admit that the boy's mother is very much alive and that his sister never existed.

The U.S. fake-news broadcaster CNN named Relotius in 2014 "Journalist of the Year".

On December 28 the embarrassed German bishops announced that they withdrew the award and want the money back.

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