27 December 2018

Who Exactly Does My Tablet Think I Am?

A year ago today I posted that the Cuter & Shorter Half had gifted me with a new laptop and a new Kindle Fire. I am typing this post on the trusty laptop, but the Kindle, the last Amazon electronic device I will ever own, died months ago, just as have its four predecessors.

So when I went to visit my Sister a while back, she had an extra RCA Voyager III Android tablet. I bought it from her, since she needed the money much more than she needed two tablets. It works fine. I have no complaint whatsoever about using it. It is so similar to a Kindle that I was comfortable with it from the first. Nothing new to learn.

I use it predominantly for two things. Reading and playing patience (solitaire, for the Yanks). The patience apps I have downloaded are all free, but ad supported. I'm quite efficient at clearing the ads and getting back to the game, so that doesn't bother me.

However, in the past fortnight I've been getting some 'interesting' ads. First, let me mention that the Cuter & Shorter Half and I have been married (not always happily I regret to admit) for 36 year next Wednesday.

So why have the patience programs on my tablet suddenly started bombarding me with ads for dating sites? And with ads for a site called 'BIGO Live Pages' that promises that if I download it, I can watch live streams? From the rather alluring young women pictured in the ads, my assumption is that it's either another dating site or a porn site!

At any rate, I think my tablet is confused.

Oh, and why am I also getting ads, in Spanish mind you, to download Facebook? I don't speak Spanish, I already have a Facebook account, and the app is downloaded on my tablet!

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