31 July 2022

A Personal Reaction to Bp Burbidge's Draconian Decree

Mr Dannebohm, who blogs at Memorare, lives in the Diocese of Arlington, the site of the latest vicious attack on Tradition.

By Jeremy Dannebohm

Wow. As a Catholic writer, I often quip that nothing surprises me anymore.

Today surprised me. I expected a milquetoast list of restrictions from the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Bishop Burbidge has never struck me as the type that would issue a decree so aggressive as what we read earlier today.

I must admit, the tone of the decree reads more like Archbishop Roche than Bishop Burbidge.

If that’s the case, then today revealed much more than just the Latin Mass restrictions in the Diocese of Arlington. It revealed that these restrictions are most likely being drafted by the Dicastery for Divine Worship and sent to the bishops to sign, seal, and deliver with a devastating blow to the faithful.

This is certainly a stark contrast from the ‘collegiality’ that Pope Francis spoke of earlier this year. Furthermore, it blatantly contradicts the notion of a ‘listening Church.’ Rather, it suggests that these are merely guises to veil the underlying agenda of transforming the Church of God into the Church of man. You can be certain that for this egregious wrongdoing, no apology will ever be given.

The Traditional Catholic movement poses the exclusive threat to making that transformation a reality. Hence, the Vatican has zeroed in on doing everything it can to dismantle us brick by brick. But with Christ as our Cornerstone, we shall not be moved.

Today, as I read the raw emotions being posted by the faithful of the Diocese of Arlington, my heart ached. It genuinely ached. For those of us who report on these things, maintaining our faith becomes a daily challenge. Today was certainly no exception.

No matter what surprise is in store for us next, we know that we are fighting for a common good. We know that in the end, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. We know that nothing will keep us from the Mass of the Ages.

Onward Christian soldiers. We took a slight blow today, but we’ve gotten used to them. Each one makes us stronger and more resilient. Let’s refocus and get back into the battlefield for the salvation of souls.

Let’s pray for each other.
Our rosaries are our most powerful weapons.

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