31 July 2022

Expulsion of the Acadians

On this day, 267 years ago, the orders were given for Le Grand Dérangement or the Great Upheaval, the expulsion of the Acadians from their homeland. Many of Louisiana's 'Cajuns' (from the Acadian French dialect 'Cadien', an Acadian) are descended from them.

July 31, 1755 - Expulsion of the Acadians - Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Charles Lawrence sends instructions to Colonel Robert Monckton

- July 31 - *In the mean time, it will be necessary to keep this measure as secret as possible, as well to prevent their attempting to escape, as to carry off their cattle; and the better to effect this you will endeavour to fall upon some stratagem to get the men, both young and old (especially the heads of families) into your power and detain them till the transports shall arrive, so as that they may be ready to be shipped off; for when this is done it is not much to be feared that the women and children will attempt to go away and carry off the cattle. But least they should, it will not only be very proper to secure all their Shallops, Boats, Canoes and every other vessel you can lay your hands upon; But also to send out parties to all suspected roads and places from time to time, that they may be thereby intercepted.

- July 31 - *As their whole stock of Cattle and Corn is forfeited to the Crown by their rebellion, and must be secured & apply'd towards a reimbursement of the expense the government will be at in transporting them out of the Country, care must be had that nobody make any bargain for purchasing them under any colour or pretence whatever; if they do the sale will be void, for the inhabitants have now (since the order in Council) no property in them, nor will they be allowed to carry away the least thing but their ready money and household furniture. Halifax, Nova Scotia

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