29 July 2022

What Catholics Get Wrong About Freemasonry (Response to Fr. Chris Alar)

Mr Gray corrects a misguided Priest on Freemasonry.

From David L. Gray

 Correction of Fr. Chris Alar’s errant (but well-meaning) teaching on Freemasonry (Explaining the Faith – Freemasonry: Meaning and Mission – YouTube)

00:00 – The David L. Gray Show
00:30 – The Preface of What Catholics Get Wrong about Freemasonry
08:48 – Start of Fr. Chris Alar’s Talk
10:45 – Response to Fr. Chris Alar’s Introduction
13:19 – The Flawed Thesis
16:34 – Numerology (1517, 1717, 1917)
20:07 – Feast of John the Baptist
28:46 – The Mythical Origin Story 1.0
34:00 – Flawed Thesis Revisited
35:51 – Communism vs. Freemasonry & Freemasonry as an Ideology
40:16 – The Contribution of Freemasonry (Church vs. State)
50:25 – AASR, Grades, 32nd Degree, Southern Jurisdiction
01:01:15 – The Crest of the Craft Lodge
01:11:35 – Freemasons and Satan
01:13:45 – The Myth of Grades Again
01:16:41 – What is P2 Lodges / Sounds too Good to be True
01:22:32 – Again . . . Freemasonry is not an Ideology
01:24:24 – Nuestra Senora del Buen Suceso (Our Lady of the Good Event)
01:28:20 – The Guild System
01:34:44 – The Structure of Freemasonry and Outdated Information
01:43:10 – The Mythical Origin Story 2.0
01:54:48 – The Myth of Inner-Secret Degrees
01:56:58 – The Most Enduring Contribution of Freemasonry
02:04:53 – The Secret Handshakes of the Freemasons
02:08:30 – The Duty of the Priest to Teach the Dogma
02:10:19 – Again . . . the Legacy of the Guild System (subsisting in Freemasonry today
02:13:46 – Correction about where the Shriners meet
02:18:31 – The Origin of the Shriners
02:24:56 – Again . . . the Myth of Grades/Ranks and the Subsisting of the Guild
02:29:03 – America was NEVER a Christian Country
02:32:22 – Symbology
02:35:21 – What Fr. Chris Got Right & What he did better than Dr. Taylor Marshall

For More Information See:
BOOK: The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry

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