29 July 2022

Support FishEaters

Tracy (Vox Clamantis) has created a GiveSendGo fundraiser to try to get FishEaters back online. If you can afford to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Donate here.

The server for the FishEaters website has gone corrupt, and the site must be moved to a new server with a new operating system -- and a whole bunch of other things that are Geek-Greek to me, but which are being handled by a gracious gentleman out of the goodness of his heart and his love of Christ and the Church.

Because the site's been down, I've (understandably) lost a few subscribers. I really need to make up for those losses, so if you're willing and able to help, please know that it'd be deeply appreciated.

Know, too, that FishEaters.com WILL return! Its disappearance is only temporary! I wish I could give you an "ETA" as to exactly when it will be back up, but it all depends on the schedule of the aforementioned gracious gentleman who's working to restore things as he can. It might take a few weeks!

I'm really sorry for any inconvenience. I feel such a deep loss knowing the site is not on the internet right now -- a sort of "phantom limb syndrome." To have decades of work disappear like that is pretty painful. But it's all backed up on my hard drive, so it's just a matter of time getting it all back up. Please be patient!

Tracy Tucciarone ("Vox Clamantis")

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