Monday, 3 October 2022

What is Romanitas?

Romanitas is almost untranslatable. 'Romanity', 'Romanism', or 'Romanness' don't really do it justice. Here, a Roman explains.

From One Peter Five

By Timothy Flanders

Why did Our Lord become incarnate at the dawn of the Roman Empire under Caesar Augustus?

Why is the Roman tongue essential to the liturgy and western civilisation?

The answer to both these questions is Romanitas.

At OnePeterFive, we have been blessed to work with Vincenzo Randazzo in Rome, as both correspondent to news from Rome but also interpreter of Roman culture. You can click on Romanitas to find articles on this important subject. On the podcast we expanded on these topics and began to discuss how these things are fundamental to our struggle. Not only that, we discussed a very traditional practice that must certainly be revived: the Trad pilgrimage to Rome

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