25 February 2019

What Will Happen to Fr. Thomas J. Rosica, CSB?

Tommy Rosica's carefully crafted world, based on lies, plagiarism, heresy, and other deceptions is going to come crashing down. Irenaeus points out that our friend, Vox Cantoris, was the first to expose him for what he is.

From Toronto Catholic Witness

The weekend just keeps on getting worse for Fr. Thomas J. Rosica, CSB.

Thanks to the hard work of journalists and academics like Dorothy Cummings-McLean, Matthew Schmitz, John Hoshchild and others, it has been revealed that Tom has been cutting, pasting, and saving from others without any sort of acknowledgement from as far back as 1994. This was when Tom was in the midst of getting all of those wonderful degrees and accolades he's so proud about.

Vox Cantoris has the full story.


Things are getting pretty hot in the seat for good ol' Tom. He can't get out of this one, as everyone knows he stole from the work of others, both without credit and sufficient reason. And each word of apology he utters sounds fake, as the priest blames others (such as interns) for his faults, and fails to take full and utter responsibility for his actions. As I said yesterday, he is a joke of a man and a joke of a priest.

So, the question is, what will happen to Tom?

What will happen to his fancy degrees? It's been established that Tom has a serious problem with plagiarism with regards to his academic work from as far back as 1994 (if not earlier), copying and pasting left and right.

Will his degrees be revoked, honorary and those he supposedly "worked" for? The academic world takes plagiarism very seriously, particularly the top-tier institutions like the University of Toronto, who rightly judge that any act of plagiarism reflects poorly on the standards they set on their students to maintain. Tom, to put it bluntly, failed that standard miserably.

On May 26, St. Mark’s College at the University of British Columbia awarded an honourary doctorate to Father Thomas Rosica, CSB for his role in bringing people closer to Christ and the Catholic faith. The Doctor of Sacred Letters (honoris causa), the institution’s highest honour, was conferred by Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, Archbishop of Vancouver and Chancellor of St. Mark’s College; Peter Meehan, College President; and Michelle Chang, Board Vice-Chair, at the College’s convocation ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia. - from The Basilians' website

Will he finally be fired from Salt and Light by the Gagliano brothers, the network that is apparently doing so well, but has to go around begging for money from their (Salt and Light's, that is) local Knights of Columbus council? Will the brothers finally use this episode to take firm action against Tom?

Will Cardinal Collins finally confront Tom head-on, and ask for the Basilians to dismiss Tom from the sacred priesthood, which Tom has made a disgrace of? Or will the Basilians take initiative themselves?

Will Tom hand in his own notices of resignations from the priesthood, presidency of Assumption University, and all of the positions he is so pleased to have held over the years? Will he finally summon his testicular courage and act like a man, as he should have done as soon as his egregious actions finally came to the cleansing light on February 15th?

I do not know. I do know that any of Tom's plans to become a bishop have finally been dashed to pieces, as the Bergoglians in Rome do not take well to such open stupidity and revelation of their plans. Tom can kiss that mitre good-bye.

Tom has a lot of explaining to do, and he better do it fast, before he regrets it. Pray that justice will be done.

Finally, throughout all of this, it is my view that it has escaped many people's attention that Vox Cantoris was the first to expose Rosica for the fraud he is. Vox did much of the work that led Rosica's actions to be aired out for the world, actions that led Tom to try and sue Vox, and actions which others have based this latest scandal on. Without Vox's hard work, none of us would be able to call Tom as the fraud and thief he is.

So, to Vox, we owe a significant "thank you." Thank you, Vox. My glass is raised to you.

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