27 February 2019

Children and Monarchism

The little chap in the white plumed head covering went on to be the Godfather of our youngest daughter. HIRM Otto von Habsburg, R+I+P.

A child is a monarchist from birth. 
From their first Our Father children learn that God wills for kingdoms on Earth reflecting His in Heaven. 
Christian children know Jesus as King of Kings, and Our Lady Queen of Heaven and Earth. With the many royal Saints and Blesseds: Emperor Karl of Austria- Hungary, King Saint Louis of France, and of course many of our Sovereign Pontiffs like Pope Saint Pius X.
They are also inspired by the multitude of Knights: of Jerusalem, of Malta, Columbus, and all others who have defended the Faith such as the Swiss Guards.
Children are often the wisest and most able to understand God's Holy Will, like when commanded to "Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the King" - 1 St. Peter 2:17

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