27 February 2019

This Is The Same Francis Bishop Who "Presided" Over Beach Mass

My heart bleeds for the desecration of the Body ad Blood of our Lord in the picture!

From Gloria.tv

The bulk-consecrator seen on the picture is Oscar Miñarro, 58, an auxiliary bishop in Merlo-Moreno, Argentina.

The picture shows Miñarro when he was a parish-priest in the diocese of Merlo-Moreno.

He continued celebrating sacrilegious Masses as a bishop. His last public sacrilege was a sitting beach Mass during the January Panama World Youth Day.

Miñarro was named a bishop by Francis in September 2016. Already decades before this, he was a publicly known heretic who opposes priestly celibacy, supports gay pseudo-marriage, calls the Church "homophobic", and denies that human life begins at conception.

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