26 February 2019

It's Over for You Tom

My good friend, Vox Cantoris, was the first to expose Tommy Rosica as a mean spirited, evil man. Check out his blog for more details. He's republishing archival posts to explain.

Thomas Rosica has resigned, or "resigned" from St. Michael's College for plagiarism, He states that it was not wilful. How can this be? It went on for at least 25 years and pre-dates any possible "Intern" and the whole technology of "cut and paste."

Rosica shows no contrition. No recognition of the wrong done.

Just as he showed no contrition or offered and apology to me and my wife for the suffering he put us through.

He is a sociopath.

My wife and I opened a bottle of champagne tonight. This is justice.



I will be exposing Thomas Rosica over the next week; putting on public record the inflammatory, mocking and disgusting series of emails he sent to me.

It has been confirmed to me that on at least two occasions he attempted to interfere with my employment.

The man is wicked.


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