25 February 2019

Rosica's Plagiarism Extends to His Academic Papers. All of His Credentials Are Now in Question!

Here's the post Irenaeus linked to in my last post I shared from Toronto Catholic Witness.

From Vox Cantoris

The Tom, "I'm a Serial Plagiarist" Rosica theft of other people's writing exposé has taken a new twist. 

Just as a pedophile doesn't become one overnight, nor does a plagiarist. Both are serial actions that begin at a younger age and increase based upon the ability to continue to get away with it.

Josh Hochschild of Mount St. Mary's University and author of A Mind at Peace, has exposed Rosica's academic plagiarizing on Twitter @JoshHoshschild, the entire thread is copied below. 

According to Tom Rosica's biography on Wikepedia:

"(He) has an undergraduate degree in French and Italian from St. John Fisher College, in Pittsford, NY. He entered the Congregation of St. Basil as a novice and studied Theology and Sacred Scripture at Regis College in Toronto. He continued his studies in theology and scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, and then École Biblique et Archéologiaue Française de Jérusalem."
Visiting his Wikipedia page, one will notice that his work at World Youth Day and Salt + Light occupies six lines. The "Conflict" with this writer occupies five. The new plagiarism paragraph is three. I suspect that will now change.

Every University that gave a degree to this man must investigate the worthiness of these Letters. His dissertations, his academic papers and multiple degrees are now all called into question. It is only a matter of time until other investigations reveal more plagiarism.

Kevin Storey, CSB is the General Superior of the Congregation of St. Basil. he has issued a statement: 

"Plagiarism of any kind is wrong. When it is committed knowingly it rises to the level of a moral offense. As a community of Catholic educators we condemn it, without qualification. At the same time, we embrace our brother despite this failing for which he has taken full responsibility. With him, we apologize to those who have been offended by the misuse of their literary gifts."
Yet, Rosica blamed his "Interns" presumably at Salt + Light, as there would be no other place a priest would have "Interns." 
His apology seems suspect. The Catholic Register reports on Rosica's quote in the National Post wherein he states:

"I will apologize that this came to light, and it’s wrong, and it’s not going to happen again,”
How in the name of all that is good is this a recognition of doing wrong? How is this an apology?

Tommy Rosica of the pervert-cover up and well-sued Congregation of St. Basil has been hiding a lot.

One wonders what else is being kept hidden.

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