25 February 2019

BREAKING: Vatican Spokesman Fr. Rosica Resigns From Catholic College After Admitting to Plagiarism

Well, Tommy-Boy's world is collapsing around him. Will it hurt him in Rome? I doubt it. His level of corruption is nowhere near the level of several others of Francis's advisers.

From LifeSiteNews

Update: Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, reports on Twitter that Fr. Rosica has also resigned from the boards of St. John Fisher College and the University of St. Thomas in Houston. We are currently confirming.
TORONTO, February 25, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A Vatican spokesman who is the CEO of Canada’s Salt + Light Media has stepped down from an important academic post after admitting to plagiarism.
Father Thomas Rosica, CSB, has resigned from the Collegium, one of the governing councils of the University of Saint Michael’s College in Toronto. 
In a message released this morning, the Chair of the USMC Collegium wrote on Twitter, “Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB made significant contributions while serving the St. Michael's community as a member of its Collegium. Over the weekend, I received and have respectfully accepted his resignation from the Collegium.”
Rosica himself retweeted the message, adding, “Thank you @uStMikes &@USMCTheology for the privilege of having served you for many years. You have great leaders with vision. Blessings and peace”. 
The Basilian priest and the Catholic institutions associated with him have been plunged into scandal as news of Rosica’s misappropriations of the work of others spread. Rosica’s plagiarism has now been traced back as far as 1991. 
The Salt + Light Media chief’s habitual plagiarism came to light after Professor John Rist informed LifeSiteNews that the Basilian Father had slandered Vatican whistleblower Archbishop Viganò in a lecture he gave at Cambridge University earlier this month. LSN’s close examination of Fr Rosica’s remarks revealed that he had misappropriated the words of at least five other men. 
Further research by First Things editor Matthew Schmitz and Canadian Lutheran editor Mathew Block revealed that Rosica had also included whole passages of unattributed borrowings in other published writings. 
Subsequently, the National Post contacted Rosica and others for comment. The story has also been picked up by the Catholic News Agency and Breitbart
Rosica admitted to serial plagiarism last week. He blamed "compiled notes” and said that he “relied on material prepared by interns.”

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