28 February 2019

Urge Walmart to Remove Gay Ad

'Gay' means happy, not homosexual! I wish people would stop falling into the PC trap! I seldom alter headlines, tho'.

From One Million Moms

Walmart recently posted a video ad on its Facebook page of two homosexuals on a blind date. Unfortunately, the retail giant has decided to cave and be politically correct instead of remaining neutral on controversial issues. Founder, Sam Walton, would have never approved of this decision to promote the homosexual agenda.
The video ad normalizing the LGBT lifestyle is titled: “Love Is In The Aisle: A dating show at Walmart, episode 2.” The ad features Pat and Andy meeting at Walmart and shopping while getting to know each other. Walmart also interviews Pat and Andy after their date.
Instead of remaining neutral in the culture war, Walmart decided to offend many of their conservative customers with their new video. You may view the video here if you have a Facebook login. Or if you do not use Facebook, the video description we provided hopefully will suffice.
If this video ad offends you, please take action today. Even if you do not use Facebook, their method of advertising glamorizing the homosexual lifestyle still affects you if you support the company by shopping at any of their Walmart and Sam’s Club stores or online platforms.
Take Action
Sign the petition urging Walmart to remove this offensive video immediately.
After you sign the petition, contact Walmart Headquarters and let Customer Service representatives know you are extremely disappointed. Firmly but politely urge them to remove the pro-homosexual video and remain neutral on controversial issues. Call Walmart Customer Service at 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART) or 1-800-925-6279. 
Please share this with family, friends, and Sunday School members.

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  1. celebrating a lifestyle of those (gay men) who are responsible for 40 percent of all child molestations (CDC and FBI stats), who are 4 times more likely to become serial killers (FBI stats), who incubate 11 bowel diseases, AIDS and hepatitis, who in the major city bath houses engage in 300 to 500 sexual contacts a year (pretty sick on its own) (CDC, NYPD and other police dept. stats). And you put your impremature in this? Deal with the reality that NOT everyone is nice and not everything everyone does is normal or moral.


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