29 September 2022

"This Has the Logo of the Synod ("Walking Together") of Bishops. " Prepare for a Rough Ride.

When Francis was elected, I told people to buckle up!

When I first saw this, I thought it was a spoof account.

It isn’t.

A first, second and more glances bring one to the conclusion that the people who posted this “art”, approve of the content. Therefore, they hate the Church and are trying to morph it into an NGO. The buck stops on the desk “high atop the thing”.

Let’s imagine that the organizers of the Synod (“walking together”) also asked traditionally minded Catholics for art to express their hope for the Synod (“walking together”).

Are you doing that?  Imagining?

When you are finished laughing, ….

Let’s look at some things. In this one, between the arm and leg “What is revolutionary love?” Yes, what is that? Note the “celebration” area is dominated by “diversity”. This has the logo of the Synod (“walking together”) of Bishops.

In this one, note “Reckless”, divided into two words, because the words on the left side are bad and those on the right are good. On the left: liturgy (I’ll agree with that in a restricted, experiential sense), Scripture (1). On the right, Gospel (?), social change, LGB etc.

The Church “can be” refuge? No, it IS refuge. But they mean for illegal immigrants. Not for us. Note cliche riff on the creation of Adam. This has the logo of the Synod (“walking together”) of Bishops.

And this one… I guess we are making a macrame banner, just like the in 70’s, even with a guitar.  I’ll get you anything that the music note standings for Kumbaya.  Not sure what that thing is in the lower left.  This has the logo of the Synod (“walking together”) of Bishops.

This time the bad stuff is on the right: including LGB… blah blah discrimination and “priest biases” (not grammatical but whatever).  Down in the  aloe plants in the lower left corner, “community”, “acceptance”, “tolerance”, “change”, etc. This has the logo of the Synod (“walking together”) of Bishops.

Finally, note the female in priestly vestments behind the guy with the “pride” shirt.

However, the Traditional Latin Mass must be suppressed because the wrong kind of young people want that.

Remember: It’s not just because they hate and fear the content of the Traditional Mass, they hate and fear the people who desire it.


There’s more.

Note the two candles on the same side of the altar? This was an Italian nun thing and now, I fear, it is priest thing, too, if you get my drift. Good comment on the church HERE.


A rough ride. Indeed.

What’s going on here? Here’s clue. This is from tweets, put together with a thread reader. I had to do screen shots to get the whole thing.

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