30 September 2022

A 'Hilarious' Compilation of Medieval Jokes and Humour!

Off-colour jokes re nothing new!

What did people in the Middle Ages really find funny? It would seem that the same things have been found to be amusing right across the ages. Many of the riddles that the Medievals told have double entendres and the jokes are rude with references to sex and bodily functions. No one was exempt from being the target of a Medieval joke; stupid husbands, unfaithful wives, bishops, even royalty.

0:00 Introduction

0:47 Rude Riddles 2:11 Joke Books 4:22 Naughty Girl 4:41 The Fat Abbot 5:10 The Bird Net 5:37 The Bishops Teeth 6:02 The Debt 6:33 Little Old Wine Drinker, Me 6:53 Child Prodigy 7:29 Finding Wisdom 7:52 Unbelievable 8:19 Always Tell the Truth 8:46 Little Piggy 9:23 Catching the Breeze 10:05 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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