28 September 2022

Thanks and Updates

Thanks to his readers and the announcement of the series on the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem which I shared over the past few days.

From The Mad Monarchist (4 December 2012)

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all you regular readers, members, subscribers and occasional browsers. I do appreciate it and I hope you are finding something worthwhile around here. We're at over 500 members, over a million hits and recently the monthly visits have gone pretty steadily up from 70 to 80 to 90,000+ most recently. I appreciate everyone taking the time, though since I don't run ads on here it's not as though I am making any money whether a few people visit or a lot do, but I am glad to see the numbers keep growing. Thank you all. Additionally, if anyone is interested, the "walls" page has been updated recently (and will be again in the future) and, for those who have not noticed, I have turned the "flags" page to one devoted to my own very (very) amateur photography on the subject. Also, a little word of warning (some may like it, some may not) but tomorrow will be the first post in a three-part mini-series, as part of the Story of Monarchy series, dealing with the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. I hope all will find it interesting and thanks again for reading.

The Mad Monarchist

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