Friday, 22 March 2019

THIS LENT: Explore the World of Fisheaters

A great site!

From The Remnant

By Tracy Tucciarone (VoxClamantis, Owner of Fisheaters)

I'd like to introduce Remnant Readers to the "Being Catholic" section of the FishEaters website. This part of the "FE" website can help you with two things: 1) explain to other Catholics what's gone wrong in the Church and why it's important to embrace Tradition, and 2) serve as the website to send to those who are new to Tradition and feeling lost.
As to the former, the Traditional Catholicism 101 page serves as a brief but thorough introduction to the traditionalist "movement" and explains why we traditionalists believe as we do, and the reasons for all the confusion in the human element of the Church. It lays out ten basic errors that are commonly accepted these days, and points readers to papal encyclicals to set them straight. Links throughout allow readers to easily compare the traditional liturgical and sacramental rites with what they see in their parishes -- and boy, won't they be surprised!
The rest of the "Being Catholic" section takes Catholics -- brand-new, still wet from Baptism Catholics, or Catholics who grew up with the Novus Ordo and are new to Tradition -- and baby-steps them through everything they'll need to know to practice the Faith as our ancestors did. Everything from all of the traditional Sacramental rites, the use of sacramentals, the rhythms and customs of the traditional liturgical year, prayers, novenas, folk traditions -- it's all here. This section is very heavily hyper-linked and footnoted so a newbie can easily jump around and get all the explanatory material he needs. All Scripture references are to the Douay or Vulgate, and the 1962 Missal and calendar are treated as the default.
FishEaters has been around since 1996 and has been blessed to have helped many, many people get comfortable with Tradition -- some so comfortable that they've gone on to become traditionalist priests (praise Jesus!). I hope that it can help do that for friends and family you're desperately wanting to bring to the very fullness of the Church's Truth and Beauty.

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