30 March 2019

Consoling thoughts from Father Faber

We often wish our lives were more divine. But they are, in fact, more divine than we believe. It is sorrow which reveals this to us.... For a moment it blinds us; then by degrees the white figure of Jesus comes out in the dim obscurity. We feel the warm blood on our hands as we grasp the Cross. We are with God, with our Creator, with our Saviour. He is all our own. The withdrawal of creatures has made Him so. But He has not come. He was always there, always this within our souls, only He was overpowered with the false brightness of creatures. He comes out in the dark like the stars. The white moon of noonday does not allure us by its beauty, it enchants us only in the night; so it is the darkness of a spiritual Calvary which covers our souls with the soft shining of our beautiful Saviour.

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