30 March 2019

DC Catholic Charities To Profane Lent With Their Gala On A Friday In Lent

Not one penny! Starve the beast!

From Restore DC Catholicism

Before we delve into the topic as stated in the title of this piece, let's look at DC Catholic Charities in general.

This evening I had been taking a look at the website of DC Catholic Charities because I hadn't done so in a while.  Noting prior problems with Catholic Charities as a whole, I believe it behooves us to keep tabs on them.  One of the key indicators of the direction that a given organization will take is the composition of its leadership and the mindsets of the individuals in leadership.  So let's take a look at the Board of Directors of DC Catholic Charities.  

We see that its chairman is Robert Trone.  Because my district's mis-representative is David Trone, I thought it worth a close examination.  Robert Trone is co-owner of a winery called Total Wine and More.  The other co-owner is (you guessed it!) David Trone.  From David's website, you can see his positions on marriage and baby-slaughter are at complete loggerheads with authentic morality and decency.  Now some might object that David's views don't necessarily reflect Robert's.  Ok.  Let's do some examination there.  Recalling that a person's politics is simply the person's beliefs and commitments as lived in the public arena, we can examine his/her political donations (which are public record) on the website of the Federal Elections Commission.  When I put in Robert Trone's name we see that he has contributed to Demorats from Obama to John Delaney.  I thought it odd that Robert Trone didn't contribute to his brother's campaign, but I see that Catholic Charities vice chair, Kevin Virostek did.  Interesting.

Scott Brickman, Debbi Jarvis, John Veihmeyer - all board members of Catholic Charities - contributed heavily to Democrats.  Oh, a few might have thrown some crumbs to RINO candidates, but they have ponied over a lot more to pro-aborts.  Patricia McGuire is also president of Trinity University/ naturally she would have made multiple contributions to Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Featured frequently in these lists are contributions to John Delaney and David Trone.

As I perused this site, I wished I had done so a week or two ago, for I see that they are having their fundraising gala next week.  But wait!  Isn't that a lenten Friday?  No problemo!  Right there you see that attendees (who will be expected to kick over mucho buckos) are dispensed from the observance, provided they perform some other penance - like hefty contributions to Catholic Charities?  Or perhaps this crowd doesn't really care about Lent!  If they did, could they not have scheduled their little "evening of dinner and dancing" outside of Lent?

Now look who the co-chairs are?  They are all either pro-abortion Democrats and/or they have contributed to the campaigns of pro-abortion Democrats.  This profanation of lent will most likely net thousands and thousands of dollars.  Since the leadership of Catholic Charities DC is being so blase about the lenten observance, does anyone really think that they will scrupulously apply Catholic moral principles in the spending of all that money?  Consider their pathetic history before answering that question.

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  1. Want to hear another one? My niece is an Irish dancer who competes at the World level, meaning the competition of Irish dancers from around the world. This Irish dance world is huge, with thousands of young girls and boys taking part in classes, buying expensive dresses, and traveling to various locales for competitions. One might imagine Irish dance might want to keep some vestige of respect for Christianity, even if just as a nod to Irish roots, after all they play the Irish music, the young people are dancing Irish jigs and reels, dancing in both hard and soft soles, wearing finery and "Gillie" socks.
    One would be wrong, there is no nod at all, it's been trashed. This year's competition is in, I believe, North Carolina, and on what day? What day did they select for children to be away from home, dancing and sweating it out on stages for plastic trophies? Easter Sunday, of course.


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