29 March 2019

Francis Snubs Victorious Salvini — Meddling in Italian Elections and Losing

Only commies and other leftists are welcome in Francis's Vatican.

From The Eponymous Flower

Pope Francis preemptively declared  that he does not want to receive Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in audience.

(Rome) The EU elections cast their shadows. Pope Francis flirts with the globalist left. For Matteo Salvini, Italy's Interior Minister, the doors to the Vatican, however, remain closed - as long as he does not give up his opposition to mass immigration, so does not accept the abolition of state borders and the surrender of sovereignty.

The gates of the Vatican are open not only to moderate leftists, but also to those on the radical left, such as the former President of the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ), Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (see The Pope speaks like a leftist  or Venezuela's Bolivarian Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro. Numerous are the events that the political arm of the Pope, Curial Bishop Manuel Sanchez Sorondo, were organized with links - also in the Vatican. For six years, however, the gates of the Vatican have been hermetically sealed for representatives to the right of the center. Exceptions are only state visits and other diplomatic obligations. [And who can forget the endorsement of murderous Marxism in the hammer and sicklefix?]

This is currently being felt by Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini. The Leader of the Lega, who has stood  since 2013, and led them from a regional party to an Italy-wide, EU-critical and anti-globalist party. As Minister of the Interior, he consistently closes the so-called "Mediterranean route" of illegal immigration. He confiscates the ships of the NGOs, which he accuses of functioning as an "ordered taxi" to Europe and thus to promotes illegal immigration. [And human trafficking]  Salvini wants a Europe of Fatherlands, in which national sovereignty remains, and the EU is only an economic but not a political union.

Although Salvini does not contradict Catholic social teaching with these positions, he is in open contradiction to the political convictions of Pope Francis. This is especially true for migration policy. At the height of the "refugee crisis" in 2015, Francis called on governments to "receive everyone, both bad and good". Words that especially irritated the population.

Matteo Salvini so far did not apply for audience with the Pope. It was said at last, however, that the professing Catholic wanted to bury the "hatchet" with the Pope. The request for an audience was in the air. That's why Francis took the initiative as a preventative measure.

He now let the Minister of the Interior know that he would not receive him in audience unless he opened the Italian ports for "refugees." Since 2015, the term "refugees" has been obscuring the fact that they are mainly economic migrants. When a group of 108 migrant pirates recently seized a ship by force, the migration lobbyists' apology narrative was that they needed to "understand" such violence because they were "fleeing from Libyan concentration camps." Pope Francis does not even object to such grotesque justifications of breaking law. But he is implacably hostile to those who defend the rule of law and the law in force.

Meanwhile, with its sovereignty policy, the Lega rushes from electoral success to electoral success in Italy, even in the southern Italy, where it has been rejected in the past. Matteo Salvini is in contact with Steve Bannon. It is not yet clear exactly which alliances will be forged for the EU elections. Should Salvini, together with Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, head an EU-critical coalition, this group of demos is even credited with a head-to-head race with the EPP, which Orban has just suspended just as he  criticizes the globalist ideologist George Soros.

The unsolicited disinvite by Pope Francis is already part of the EU election campaign. It is part of the election campaign à la Bergoglio, who has interfered since his own election to the papacy in many countries in major election campaigns, but so far has severely shipwrecked. From his native Argentina, which for whatever reason he did not visit, to the USA and Italy, the candidates and parties that Francis did not want to see on the levers of power won, which he also clearly understood beforehand. The political left, who in the past howled at every conceivable opportunity and with outraged anger accused his predecessors of "interference" in internal affairs, suddenly finds nothing to complain about.

His preference is for the political left, even with preferential sympathy for the radical left. He would have liked Hillary Clinton in the White House than Donald Trump, but his candidate was left-wing US Senator Bernie Sanders.

Pope Francis traveled a few months after his election, in the summer of 2013, to the island of Lampedusa, which until then was known only to a few outside Italy. It was he who drew public attention to the mass migration and the Mediterranean route. Not to criticize the illegality and to show legal ways, but to challenge the rule of law and to put the migrants per definitionem above the law. He later repeated the same with the visit to the island of Lesbos for the Balkan route and the Mexican Ciudad Juarez for the Central American route. The repeated message is clear: Everyone has a right to migration for whatever reason, and must, wherever he goes, find unconditional acceptance. The Italian Episcopal Conference, rebuilt by Francis, obeys the pope, as do many priests, and for political reasons seem prepared to even engage with that party, the Lega, which is by far the most popular party with the practicing Catholics of Italy. Francis stands unquestioningly in a row with dubious figures from the Catholic viewpoint, such as Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Michelle Bachelet and the brothers of the apron.

His attitude not only promotes the mass migration without restrictions, which can swell rapidly with the migration of peoples, but undermines state sovereignty and leads to the dissolution of borders. These are the declared goals of the fatherlandless globalists, as George Soros is one.

The fronts are clearly drawn. What is puzzling is the priority that Pope Francis gives to politics, even at the risk of risking, for political reasons, the break with a sizable portion of the Catholic faithful  The opinion has already been expressed that there has not yet been such a political pope in church history. The Renaissance popes around the year 1500 would have acted as politicians only on the level of the central Italian small states, but otherwise as popes and heads of Christendom. Francis acts as a politician on a global level. But where does he act as head of the Church? [!]

The pope from Argentina, who had no problem meeting with Fidel and Raul Castro, with Nicolas Maduro, with Cocalero Evo Morales and with the former leader of the Communist Party, considers a meeting with Italy's incumbent Interior Minister Matteo Salvini unreasonable and obviously morally so reprehensible that he should be avoided by sin.

The pope of gestures wants to set a gesture with this.  He wants to divide the world into good and evil, but in a whole new moral order, with Salvini belonging for Francis with Donald Trump and Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro to the "axis of evil.” The positioning is equal to an electoral recommendation. Also the time is not chosen by chance. Pope Francis is not a puppet of whisperers. He decides himself.

The Lega won last Sunday's seventh consecutive election. She hurries from one electoral victory to another. On Sunday, when she conquered the southern Italian region of Basilicata, which has belonged to the left uninterrupted since its founding, Salvini wrote on Twitter:

"7: 0 for us, and now we bring back Europe".

This challenge to the EU elections will cause more reactions. Pope Francis’ reaction of is now known.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

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