31 March 2019

Defend the Faith at Immaculate Conception!

It seems that the Diocese of Nashville has its own Jimmy Martin. Please sign the petition in support of the Faith.


Father Steve Wolf, Pastor at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Clarksville, TN, is encouraging, promoting, and preaching views that are inconsistent with the teachings of the Church, especially regarding human sexuality and the family.  Father Wolf advocates that any action - including but not limited to homosexual unions - is not sinful if the person doing it doesn't believe it is a sin, and they are therefore free to receive the Eucharist.  What he is teaching is not Catholic, and as a priest, he has a duty to defend and uphold the Church.
Concerned parishioners have repeatedly begged for Bishop Mark Spalding to take action and end Father Wolf's promotion of his LGBTQ ideology and moral relativism.  Bishop Spalding continues to assert that Father Wolf is an effective pastor - even though he is going against the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2357-2358).
What We Want to Happen:
  • Remove and reassign Fr. Steve Wolf to a penitential post, where he can prayerfully work on aligning his views with those of the Church.
  • Ban Fr. Wolf's book, Gay Respect in the Good News, from all Catholic parishes and bookstores in the diocese, and release a statement that it is spiritually misleading.
  • Issue a letter from Bishop Spalding, to be read at every Mass in every parish in the Diocese, publicly acknowledging that Fr. Wolf has taught error, and affirm the Diocese's commitment to the views of the Catholic Church.
Until these steps are taken, we who sign this petition withdraw our monetary support from the parish and the Diocese of Nashville. 
Bishop Spalding - take action to defend the Church! 
More Information on Father Wolf and his views:

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  1. The constant teaching on human sexuality must be taught by the clergy,Bishops, Catholic schools, no matter the subjective beliefs of any one who claims to know better than the Church teaching. That goes from the Pope to the least child capable of reason. Please Fr.do as your parishioners are requesting. Please Bishop Spalding. Stand on the backs of your truly Catholic for bearers of the Catholic faith, and hold this priest to preach in word and deed what he was ordained to do.It has nothing to do with hate, it has to do with the souls of the faithful who could very well lose their eternal joy in heaven if they come to accept and believe a lie.


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