26 March 2019

An Exorcist Comments on Walmart’s Satanic Products “Either They Are Intentionally Promoting Demonic Things, or They Are Ignorant. Either Way, They Are Responsible for Spreading Evil.”

Don't shop at Walmart!!!

From the National Catholic Register

By Patti Armstrong

Walmart has come under fire—the fire of hell—for selling satanic products. Their online catalog has 22 pages—around 440 items—of demonic merchandise. They also carry Christian books and jewellery, so an argument for equal opportunity could be made, but it would be ridiculous logic. One leads to damnation and the other to salvation. Walmart is a private enterprise that can sell whatever they want. In this case, they have sold their soul.

The products include demonic sculptures and figures; satanic pornography that blasphemes Christ’s crucifixion; numerous products and jewelry with pentagrams and other demonic images, and books that include the Satanic bible and books on spells. Especially featured is Baphomet, the horned, goat-headed figure trademarked as the Church of Satan symbol.


According to Father Michael (not his real name) who has been the designated exorcist of his diocese for 10 years, trivializing evil by selling satanic products puts people at risk. “Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they might be held liable, so they might want to pay attention to that,” he said.

Just as religious objects such as a Miraculous Medal connects us with the Blessed Mother and a crucifix with Jesus, Father Michael explained that similarly, wearing an icon of something satanic opens a person up to a demonic presence. “And that’s very serious,” he said.

“If you have a picture of Satan on your chest, he’s going to pay attention to that,” Father Michael explained. “When people join cults and do blood oaths, they really do bind themselves to Satan but this, [buying satanic products] in a way, opens you up to his influence. You are also promoting it so others can see it. It’s clearly not God’s work. “

As to why Walmart would sell satanic products, Father Michael said: “Either they are intentionally promoting demonic things, or they are ignorant. Either way, they are responsible for spreading evil.”

Baphomet, the goat-headed anthropomorphic figure which symbolizes the Church of Satan and is featured on many of the products, is actually the name of a high-ranking demon, according to Father Michael. “I’ve had people who were possessed manifest that demon,” he said. “Demons keep the rank they had before they fell. Just as there are nine choirs of angels, there are nine choirs of demons.”

Reject Anything Occult

Some people who come to Father Michael for help from the devil are often ignorant to the ways they caused their problems. “People don’t always realize how dangerous the things they’ve been doing are, or they have a hard time letting it go. It doesn’t always happen all at once; it’s a process of conversion.

Father Michael advises to reject anything occult. Unfortunately, once the door to the devil has been opened, it’s not always so easy to close. “Just because someone wants the demons to leave doesn’t mean they will,” Father Michael said. “It can be hard to get rid of them.”

Evidence of demonic oppression or depression can be very frightening, he explained. It often includes physical attacks and symptoms and strange occurrences. “People sometimes hear satanic voices in their head saying things like: ‘We aren’t leaving you… you belong to us… you’ll never get rid of us,” he said.

When people are oppressed, Father Michael tells them to go to Confession and confess their involvement in the occult. Often, this ends the demonic harassment. “I also tell them to stop whatever practice they were engaged in and start leading a good Catholic life with prayer and virtue.”

Portals to Evil

Satanic merchandise can have a curse put on it, according to Father Michael. He tells people to get rid of everything by burning it. “When the items are cursed, they can be portals for evil,” he said. “I’ve seen this happen.”

One woman came to him because she was experiencing physical harassments and strange happenings in her apartment. The trouble started when a friend gave her a crystal as a gift. “The friend said the crystal would get rid of demons but instead, it was a portal,” Father Michael said. “She [the friend] was supposedly a good Catholic woman but she was involved in the occult.”

For committed Christians, it should be obvious never to entertain anything demonic. That especially includes having a hatred for sin. As Father Michael said, “Ultimately sin is what lets in the darkness.”

Our Response

There is yet another battle against Walmart led by the American Family Association, (AFA) against their ad campaign, “Love is in the aisle,” with Episode 2 featuring a same-sex couple on a blind date. AFA encourages people to contact Walmart Customer Service at 479-273-4000. “Firmly but politely urge them to remove the pro-homosexual video and remain neutral on controversial issues.”

I also contacted their media office and let them know that unless they stop selling satanic products, I am promoting a boycott against them. Recall that when consumers boycotted J.C. Penney after their same-sex ad campaign, sales plummeted and the CEO was fired. As of now, Walmart has given us big reasons not to shop there.

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