29 March 2019

Cardinal Walter Kasper Indulges in Hypocrisy

Kasper the Unfriendly Ghost is a hypocrite? I'm shocked, I say, shocked!

From Gloria.tv

Cardinal Kasper has alleged that Pope Francis suffers a “monstrous disloyalty” from the part of some cardinals.

Talking to Herder Korrespondenz (March) he said, cardinals should be the first to “help the Pope,” instead of opposing him in public. He then went on denouncing former Nuncio Viganò's revelations as “inconceivable.”

Kasper says that he asked diplomats whether a diplomate would be allowed to publicly criticizes his government. The answer, "If doing so, he would be thrown out the next day.”

As usual, Kasper was manipulating, because Viganò was in retirement when he uncovered Pope Francis’ duplicity.

On his part, Kasper caused an international scandal when in 1993 he publicly challenged John Paul II for “not allowing” adulterers to receive Communion while being the sitting Stuttgart-Rottenburg Bishop, Germany.

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