31 March 2019

John Medaille on Distributism & Economics

Links of the show found here https://athanasiuscm.org/2015/06/23/i... John Medaille, a retired professor from the University of Dallas and the author of The Vocation of Business, and Toward a Truly Free Market, as well as many other writings in periodicals from Res Publica to the Remnant. We talk about Distributism and the economic issues facing Distributist economic theory, government, labor and many other issues which delve deeper into Distributism than the normal reflections on Chesterton. NB: Views and opinions elsewhere expressed on this website are not necessarily shared by John Medaille or the University of Dallas. NB#2: Please forgive my Distributist chickens which you can hear in the background towards the beginning. They are no doubt looking for mic time.:) The Vocation of Business Towards a Truly Free Market John Medaille on the Distributist Review John Medaille on the Remnant

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