28 March 2019

Archbishop "Delighted" About Biggest Mosque in France

He's an idiot and a TRAITOR!

From Gloria.tv

Reims Archbishop Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, France, expressed his delight about the Grand Mosque of Reims, the largest mosque in France, during its inauguration on March 14.

The archbishop gave a speech at the event. He recalled that his predecessor has supported the project right from the start.

De Moulins-Beaufort said literally, “Together with me, the Catholics of Reims are delighted that you can glorify God the creator and the merciful in this place.

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  1. That type of imbecile is going to get our descendants killed and destroy Christendom. Idiots in the first degree. There is no excuse for not knowing what is going on with these traitors and Islam today. These weak-kneed effeminates love them some hyper-masculine Islamists, and they care so little about Christ and the Gospel they happily move over so Islam can take over. Mohammad never had such friends as our churchmen!
    Catholics and all people of goodwill (and intelligence) need to connect dots and understand history and Islam enough to know, there is no peaceful co-existence with Islam, there is only Islam waiting for it's chance.
    I pity the young.


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