18 December 2017

Words of Wisdom Written Last Month

A 'rant' written by my friend, Charles Coulombe, author and YouTube 'personality' (on the Tumblar House channel, link in the side bar).

It occurs to me that my last three cyber-rants are best understood together - so here we go: "If you demonize young white men, you will turn them into demons. The problem with that is that a good number of them are tougher than you are and are well-armed. Treat them irrationally, and they shall become irrational; accuse them of being white supremacists, and they will live down to your accusation. Call them racists, and they will embrace racism. Ignore reality via gender fluidity and the like, and you will gain their contempt. We are planting dragon's teeth, and shall reap what we sow.
I think it is extremely important for young white males who do find themselves being demonised not to succumb to the temptation that rears its head thereby - to return hatred for hatred. To hate non-whites because that is what you are expected to do. The racism your calumniators evoke against you was itself the product of 19th century pseudo-science - just as much as the drivel said calumniators espouse themselves. In a nutshell, becoming what they expect you to be is as much a defeat for you as accepting their opinions as true. Especially if you are Catholic, remember that baptismal water is thicker than blood.
I have said our masters are sowing dragon's teeth. How ought we to respond? By uprooting those in our immediate area with love, civility, and geniality. Will it be enough to udo their work and save our country? Probably not. Will it contribute to the salvations of souls - our own and those of others? Definitely.
I am now willing to reveal my hidden agenda! It is best summed by Pius XI in his vespers hymn for the feast of Christ the King, Te saeculorum Principem:
May heads of nations fear Thy name
And spread Thy honor through their lands,
Our nation’s laws, our arts proclaim
The beauty of Thy just commands.
Let kings the crown and sceptre hold
As pledge of Thy supremacy;
And Thou all lands, all tribes enfold
In one fair realm of charity."

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