26 December 2017

My Walk Downtown

It helps to have lived in God's Country, a/k/a Alberta, in the True North Strong and Free, Her Majesty's Dominion of Canada! I just walked downtown, for a bit of exercise. It's +9F/-13C outside right now, but I was dressed for it! In fact, I'm might have been a bit overdressed!

Let's see. I had on two pairs of socks, one cotton and one merino wool inside my boots. As a first layer, I had on US Government Issue thermal long johns. Over those I wore a pair of Dickies flannel lined blue denims, a regular long sleeve shirt, a heavy flannel shirt, and a lined plaid jacket with a built in hood. On my hands were a pair of Edmonton Eskimos stretchy mitts, covered by a pair of knit jersey gloves. On my head, under the hood, I had my Edmonton Oilers tuque, pulled down well over my ears. So I was quite comfortable.

Most of the walkways had been shoveled, but since we only had about two or three inches of snow, walking was easy. It was a nice bit of exercise. I think my doctors would be proud of me!

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