Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Video: Measured Remarks From a Convert About "Traditionis Custodes"

This is the video I had planned on posting, but Fr Zed wrote a great intro to it, so,

From Fr Z's Blog

Brian Holdsworth, a convert who was involved in a strikingly liberal parish for a long while, eventually began a family and started thinking in a new way about the Faith. He made the entirely reasonable and predictable move to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Brian is by no means a bomb thrower.

In his recent vlog he discusses his dismay over the harsh tone, the autocratic basis and inevitably divisive effect of the Fugitive Slave Act of 2021 Traditionis custodes.

He predicts that this crackdown will result in far more polarization and, for the younger clergy, will produce the opposite effect. He, as I have also remarked, opines that, because of the demographic disaster in the Church, younger priests – who are far more open and even longing for Tradition (properly understood as beginning before 1963) – will be the only ones left to appoint to positions of authority.

At the end of his vlog, Brian remarks that, he has started to rethink his position that Archbp. Lefebvre was wrong in what he did.

He has a couple of suggestions for what people who may be deprived of the Traditional Mass. First, if you can’t have pastoral care from the diocese, go to the SSPX. Next, if you stay at your parishes anyway, stage a coup. Get involved (as I have been saying for YEARS) and take over. Get into positions of influence on the parish council, etc. etc. etc. Practical? A hard, long-term plan, but it could be effective, so long as the roll of the dice doesn’t go against you with the appointment of some rat who hates all that you love. After all, bishops have the power to hurt you in a thousand ways… and they can always hurt you more.

From Brian Holdsworth

Today, Pope Francis issued a Moto Proprio called "Traditionis Custodes" which reverses the reforms made by Pope Benedict XVI to allow the faithful access to the traditional Latin mass, or what BXVI termed, "the extraordinary form". This new legislation significantly suppresses that access in the name of promoting unity.

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