30 July 2021

The World Cup of Francis Achievements

Eccles is beginning another World Cup competition, this one of Francis's greatest achievements! Vote at @BruvverEccles.

From Eccles is Saved

How will Pope Francis be remembered? Well, he's still chugging along on half a colon, and may have more plans up his sleeve, but it's time to take stock of the "Pope of Surprises". Here are a few entrants for the forthcoming World Cup (to be conducted using Twitter polls), and further nominations are requested

My Italian is weak, but I am told that this is the pope's favourite portrait..

  • Franciscan friars of the Immaculate
  • Order of Malta
  • Amoris Laetitia
  • Response to the Dubia
  • Pachamama worship
  • Slapping of a lady pilgrim
  • The church in China
  • Appointment of Cupich, Farrell, Tobin etc.
  • The Scalfari interviews
  • Imaginative ex-aeroplana teaching
  • Encouragement of Emma Bonino
  • Encouragement of James Martin
  • Management of Vatican finances
  • Finance of Rocketman
  • Reception of Cardinal Zen
  • Traditionis Custodes
  • Pope Francis book of insults
  • Vatican Christmas scenes 
  • "Live long and prosper, dear Tridentine Mass enthusiasts," says the Pope.

    To nominate further achievements (and be as polite as I am, for I have not said anything either for or against these remarkable accomplishments), please reply to this post or else reply to the corresponding Tweet. We'll start when I am ready.

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    1. You are missing some things, for example: his allegiance with the humanist secular and economic agenda (Build Back Better, Council for Inclusive Capitalism) the mishandling of the case of the perverse ex-cardinal McCarrick, his declarations about diversity of religions on the Abu Dhabi document.


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