27 July 2021

It's Not Just the Numbers Right Now, It's the Rate of Growth.

Father Zed looks at the numbers in the Crisis survey and draws the conclusion that it's the explosive growth that prompted Traditionis Custodes.

From Fr Z's Blog

Last night during the rag chew on ZedNet, one of the participants wondered about why the crack down on Catholics who desire the Traditional Latin Mass.  After all, the numbers aren’t all that threatening.

I opined that it wasn’t just a matter of the numbers, as considered in a present day snap-shot of how many people are attending in how many places.

It’s the rate of growth.

From the time that Summorum Pontificum was implemented in 2007, over the next 10 years there was 500% growth.

It seems to me that the indices of places where the Traditional Latin Mass is being celebrated are out of date now.  During COVID Theatre, many young priests quietly implemented Summorum in their parishes.  The indices have to catch up.  I suspect the numbers are higher than supposed.

Which brings me to an article at Crisis about the growth of the TLM.  HERE

Keep in mind that the plural of anecdote is “data”, here are a couple of items.

Yesterday, I heard that this Sunday’s attendance at one FSSP location was some 1300.

Yesterday, a priest friend of mine, traveling through an airport in California, was twice asked, first by a 35 year old TSA agent and later by a 50 year old security guard, whether he was affected by the Motu Proprio.

Back to Crisis.

Over some 30 months, the number of parishes offering the TLM increased by 27%. The average number of parishioners at each TLM increased by 34%. Overall TLM attendance across all parishes from January 2019 to June 2021 increased by 71%.

At a time when general Mass attendance was decreasing, attendance at the TLM was dramatically increasing.

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