Sunday, 7 March 2021

Eastern Rite - Venerable Andrey Sheptytsky

Today is the Third Sunday of the Great Fast and the Feast of Venerable Ephraim of Antioch, Patriarch of Antioch.
Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky was the Metropolitan-Archbishop of Lviv, who as a student, had learned Hebrew to more closely relate to the local Jewish community. As archbishop, he issued the pastoral letter “Thou Shall Not Kill” in protest of the atrocities committed by the Nazis and personally wrote to Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler protesting the persecution of the Jews. As a pastor, he fought for the rights of the Ukrainian Catholic Church against incursions by the Polish Second Republic and the local Latin hierarchy. He wrote pastoral letters on the importance of church singing and contributed to the renewal of Ukrainian Catholic monastic life. He was declared venerable by Pope Francis in 2015 and the Sheptytsky Institute is named in his honor. His is the example of a courageous shepherd fighting for his flock and keeping the wolves at bay.

Check out the article from Father Athanasius McVay's  blog 'Annales Ecclesiae Ucrainae', Venerable Andrej's Sacred Walking Stick.

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