26 March 2021

Wow, Professor Faggioli, Beans in English, Is Interviewed by America Magazine, a Jesuit Publication, and Spills the Faggioli, I Mean the Beans.

Beans had another bout of verbal diarrhoea and, as usual, made a complete arse of himself.

From Southern Orders

By Fr Allan J. McDonald

WOW, JUST WOW! Is progressive lay theologian, Dr. Massimo Faggioli, beans in English, OPENLY ADMITING that the Novus Ordo is incompatible with traditional Catholicism??? I post video, you decide. Of course, Massimo would more than likely endorse women priests or any variety of the LGBTQ descriptions of a person's sexuality. More than likely, he would endorse the bessing of LBGTQetc sexual unions. More than likely he would endorse the repeal of Humanae Vitae. Yet a small minority of Catholics who prefer the EF Mass is a threat to all of this. The absurity of it is palpable. What is Massimo and those who think like him afraid of? And he says Pope Benedict reevaluated his endorsement of Vatican II in an uncritical way, especially the liturgical reforms. I wonder why? Could it be because of the other chaos in the Church now on steroids? Could it be that only 10% of Catholics in progressive countries, states and cities, and sometimes much less, only attend Mass? Could it have been that Massimo, I mean, Beans???????

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