27 March 2021

/Satire/ New York Times Attacks Babylon Bee For Being More Accurate Than They Are /satire/

'Unfortunately, the Times' accuracy rate is so low, no one believed their claim about The Babylon Bee. Sad!' ROTFLMAO!!!

A comment on this article from Donald R. McClarey at The American Catholic:
Leftism, in its contemporary variant, is a totalitarian ideology and totalitarians and humor never are on speaking terms. Why is that? Because humor forces us to look at the foibles and absurdities of life and Leftism can never admit that its path to utopia is filled with such foibles and absurdities. Also, people attracted to such absolute control philosophies are often deeply insecure, and being laughed at triggers meltdown wrath of epic proportions as they confirm that they are worthy of every barbed jest tossed their way.
From The Babylon Bee

NEW YORK, NY—The New York Times has attacked The Babylon Bee, apparently jealous of the satire site's superior rate of accuracy when it comes to its stories.

"Hey, everyone, Carl Manning, he/him. Look -- we can't have a far-right satire site be more accurate than we are," said one editor in a staff meeting last week. "Whaddaya got? How can we smear them? Is there any way we can tie their site to white supremacy?"

"Yeah, it's a real problem. Oh, uh, Jim Wentley, they/them. Those Babylon Bee guys are way more accurate than we are -- let's take them down," said another editor, chewing on his pencil. "Why don't we just call them a far-right misinformation site? That'll take care of them."

"Great idea!" The editors all high-fived from six feet away and then did jazz hands.

The staff meeting was called, and the editors began looking for a way to stuff a smear about The Babylon Bee into an ostensibly related article to begin spreading the rumor that The Bee is actually a Nazi-adjacent site heckbent on fooling grandmas and confused boomers into sharing their articles on Facebook.

Unfortunately, The Times' accuracy rate is so low, no one believed their claim about The Babylon Bee. Sad!

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