30 March 2021

More Facebook Censorship!

 Shortly after I posted A Guest Post From Jack Seney, on Big Tech Censorship and My Thought's on Jack Seney's Guest Post, I went to my FB 'notifications'  and found this regarding the FishEaters group of which I'm the administrator: ''An admin or moderator will have to review all member posts until 29 Apr. This is because many people in your group recently violated, or were in one or more groups that went against, our Community Standards. Learn more'.

I messaged Jack to let him know what was going on. What follows is the conversation we had.

You sent Today at 14:55

Jack sent Today at 15:19

What are they claiming was "violated"?!
Jack sent Today at 15:19
Make them address it specifically! 👍

You sent Today at 15:20

Oh, they never bother to explain that. In fact, in my case, it was difficult, if not impossible, to even determine which post or posts had violated their standards.

Jack sent Today at 15:22

Are they making any specific threats is there an "or else -" involved? Otherwise it is just cheap harassment!

You sent Today at 15:24

Not yet. If something else violates their 'standards' then it will escalate. If I'm lucky, it will be a warning. However, it's possible that they'll just take the group down completely. It's happened to other groups I'm im involved in.

Jack sent Today at 15:26

Wow, completely at random. 😠😾 But my understanding is that groups can be opened any time by anyone! I'm told you can have one group closed and open another the same day without being bothered for months 😸😄

You sent Today at 15:28

Oh, that happened in one case. A group called Conservative Traditionalism was taken down. A group called The Traditional Conservative was opened. It now has a mirror group on MeWe as well, just in case.

Jack sent Today at 15:29

😸😄 I love it!

You sent Today at 15:30

Also, note this: This is because many people in your group recently .... were in one or more groups that went against, our Community Standards.'
You sent Today at 15:31
In other words, the violations may not have even taken place in the FishEaters group.

Jack sent Today at 15:32

And the "Community Standards" are poorly defined at best, of course, I would guess it amounts to "whatever we feel like saying is against our community standards" 😸😄

You sent Today at 15:32

You got that right!

Jack sent Today at 15:35

That's the game, pretty much, we move around and do our "free speech"-ifying as we can 😸😄

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