30 March 2021

My Thought's on Jack Seney's Guest Post.

Jack has some good thoughts on the whole 'Big Tech problem' with censorship and deplatforming. I agree with him. 

The only reason that I've almost quit posting on Facebook is that they've threatened me with permanent banning if I violate their 'community standards' again. Since their 'standards' are arbitrary and capricious, the interpretation of which seems to change on a whim, I have no idea how to avoid violating them.

To make matters worse, as they change, they will ban for posts made years ago when they were obviously acceptable. It's happened to me at least twice, where a post of mine from two, three or more years ago has been flagged and I've received a sentence in Facebook jail for having made it. Those posts were obviously not in violation when they were made, but as FB's censorship has tightened, they are now grounds for banning.

I didn't want to stop posting on FB for the simple reason that that is how most people find the post I write and the articles I share on Musings of an Old Curmudgeon.

I basically quit posting on 18 January after receiving the warning about a permanent ban. Through January I was averaging 1003 page views per day since I started keeping track last September. I'd had a few very good days in early January so the drop off didn't take my average below a thousand per day, but since then my average has dropped well below a thousand views per day. 

It has improved a bit as people are beginning to migrate from Facebook to platforms where freedom of thought is not a crime, but it will be a long time, I'm afraid, until I get back to the figures I had in the past.

I will just keep slogging along. I'll post in private groups that I've come to trust on Facebook and on MeWe, where there is much more freedom. I may, I say may, start posting on Facebook on my own page and public groups again, but I will strictly censor myself to avoid banning. Facebook is how I stay in contact with many, if not most, of my relatives and friends, so I don't want to get banned completely.

At any rate, that's where things stand now.

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