27 March 2021

27 March, Antonio, Cardinal Bacci: Meditations For Each Day

The Human Soul

1. The human body is one of the most wonderful things which God has created. Unlike the bodies of most animals, it does not bend towards the earth, but stands up towards the sky, in the direction of our true heavenly fatherland. It communicates with creation outside it by means of the five senses. It has contact with other bodies, as well as a way of making use of them, when the opportunity arises, by means of the sense of touch. It has the sense of taste to distinguish between different flavours and to act as a guide to its sustenance. The sense of smell enables it to experience perfumes and to avoid unhealthy odours. By means of hearing and speech it can communicate with other people, understand their ideas and express its own, as well as listen to the wonderful music of creation. Lastly, there is sight, the most astounding of the senses, which helps us to see in earthly things an enchanting reflection of the eternal beauty of God. The scientist is lost in admiration at the perfection of the human body, and if his science is also wisdom he should exclaim: This is the hand of God! Nevertheless, in comparison with the greatness of the human soul, the perfections of the body are quite insignificant. The soul is like a breath of the Divine Spirit and a ray of the Divine Wisdom. It is a simple, spiritual and immortal being which bears in itself the image of God. Unlike the body, it is not tied to this earth, but can soar high above it by means of its faculty of thought. It can investigate the secrets of God's own nature and is also capable of immense love. We should indeed be grateful to God for His infinite goodness.

2. Consider that you have only one soul, which belongs entirely to God and has Heaven for its true home. God has given you two hands, two feet, two ears and two eyes, but He has given you only one soul. What a disaster if you should lose it, for you would then be damned for ever! When God made you to be free, He placed your fate in your own hands. “When God, in the beginning, created man, he made him subject to his own free choice.” (Ecclus. 15:14) Remember that the salvation of your soul is the most necessary work which you have to do. It is more precious to you than gold or silver. “More precious than gold is health and well-being, contentment of spirit than coral.” (Ecclus. 30:15) All our attention should be devoted to keeping our soul free from sin and endowing it with every virtue.

3. Remember that every mortal sin means death to the soul, for it robs it of the supernatural life of grace, making it incapable of every good action and deserving of hell. If you committed one mortal sin, God could tire of you as if you were an unproductive tree and put an end to your life without giving you time to repent. Then you would be lost for all eternity. This thought should never leave your mind, particularly in time of temptation. At such a time turn to God with confidence, tell Him that you love Him and do not wish to offend Him at any price. Face death rather than sin.

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