26 June 2020

Three Francis Appointed Cardinals Offer Their Hats and Rings to Women. Fr. Z Responds.

'Blatteroon'! What a wonderfully descriptive word to describe these idiots. Remember, they're going to vote in electing the next Pope!

From Fr Z's Blog

Yesterday I received a copy of George Weigel’s new book
The Next Pope: The Office of Peter and a Church in Mission
The College of Cardinals, as the official titular clergy of Rome, has the mandate to elect the Bishop of the See of Rome.
Traditionally the office of the Bishop of Rome and the Petrine Ministry go hand in hand, although it seems that Romanitas is not necessarily inextricably bound exclusively with the See of Rome.  I digress.
Were there to be a conclave in the near future, what might happen?  That depends on the make up of the College.
At Crux, I read a piece about something stupidly incoherent.
Spanish cardinals offer their red hats to women, calling the zucchetto an ‘illusion’
Three Spanish-born cardinals on Wednesday offered up their “red hats and cardinal rings” to any woman who wants to be a member of the Catholic Church’s most exclusive club.
Cardinal … Cristobal Lopez, Archbishop of Rabat, Morocco
Cardinal … Juan Jose Omella, Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain
Cardinal … Pedro Barreto, Archbishop of Huancayo, Peru
All three born in Spain. All three appointed by Francis.
The only response to these three blatteroons is:
RESIGN the College of Cardinals.
Just. Get. Out.

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