30 June 2020

The Douai Catechism, 1649 - CHAPTER VI. - The Third Part of the Hail Mary. of the Hail Mary, or Angelical Salutation.

The Third Part of the Hail Mary.
Q. WHAT is the third part of the Hail Mary?
    A. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and in the hour of our death. Amen.
Q. Who made this part?
    A. The holy Catholic Church in the Council of Ephesus, the year of our Lord 431, (Pope Celestine presiding,) against Nestorius, the heretic, who denied our blessed Lady to be the Mother of God, and would only have her called the Mother of Christ. See Baronius, tom. 5. An. 4. 31.
Q. What means, Pray for us sinners now?
    A. It means, that we need divine assistance every moment.
Q. What means, And at the hour of our death?
    A. It meaneth that we then especially shall need the aid of the blessed Mary, and her Son Jesus, and therefore do daily beg it. The word Amen, signifies, let it be done, or be it so.

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