27 June 2020

Progressive Bishops Continue To Mow Down Faithful Priests And Laity

A recap, if you will of a few of the more egregious shenanigans of some of our so-called 'shepherds'.

From Restore DC Catholicism

Many of the nation's bishops have adopted two golden calves as objects of worship.  These two are: 1) the normalization and even exaltation of every manner of sexual perversion and 2) all attempts by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, etc to erase every vestige of western culture and, by extension, Christianity.  Many years ago when my eyes were just opening up to the evils plaguing society, I thought the bishops were just being timid when they did not lead the charge against these evils.  Now I realize, to my sadness, that they are in fact actively defending and even promoting these evils, often with swift ruthlessness.

I certainly saw it in my own parish during Lent of 2012, when Father Marcel Guarnizo was swiftly ejected from the Archdiocese of Washington for refusing Holy Communion to a flaming lesbian.  Cardinal Wuerl and then-Auxiliary Bishop Knestout didn't even put on the pretense of an investigation.  The summarily expelled him.  In light of more recent revelations concering both Cardinal Wuerl and then-Cardinal McCarrick, who still resided in the ADW at the time, I wonder if they were trying to prevent an expose of their own antics.

Errant prelates still continue to punish the priests in their charge who are actually acting like priests.

Father Daniel Maloney was chaplain at Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he openly questioned the wisdom of making a de facto martyr out of George Floyd, and if racism really was a factor in his murder.  I too have been raising that question.  The video leaves little room for doubt that Floyd was murdered.  However, not all murders are motivated by racism.  Was his?  Maybe, maybe not.  The prudent, rational course of action would be to await a professional, thorough investigation into the incident before pronouncing judgment, one way or the other.  For daring to question what is obviously the politically correct stance on the matter, Cardinal Sean O'Malley committed a sin of rash judgment against Father Maloney in rebuking him and "asking" - ordering - his resignation.  One Mad Mom posted the entirety of the "offending" email in her piece.  Read it.  Where, oh where, is the offense in that?  The comments section of her piece is also worth a read.

Let's shift attention to Texas and to Father Clay Hunt, who serves as chaplain for the prison ministry of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.  He is being punished for reaffirming the church's teachings on homosexuality.  Bexar County officials issued a proclamation recognizing June 29, 2019 as "Pride is Bigger Than Texas Day".  Father Hunt publicly called them out for contradicting God's commands.  Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller has removed Father's faculties to offer public Mass.  Father Hunt's sister is trying to raise funds via gofundme for a canonical lawyer to defend him.

Now let's go to Lexington, Kentucky where Bishop John Stowe is celebrating "gay pride month" and actually apologized for the Church's obedience to Jesus Christ regarding the intrinsic evil of homosexuality.  Yes, he really said that and the video is embedded in the LifeSiteNews piece.  This is clearly a blind shepherd leading blind sinners to hell.  Giving comfort to mortal sinners as they commit mortal sin is itself seriously sinful.  We saw the same thing with Archbishop Gregory when he went on record praising the dissident group Fortunate Families.

By the way - if the name "Stowe" and "Kentucky" rings a bell, it's for good reason.  He is one of the Kentucky bishops who attacked the Covington boys after they were accosted by the activist.   He's also affiliated with the Association of US Catholic Priests, an organized cabal of dissident clergy.

Stowe is affiliated with a bunch called "Association of US Catholic Priests", AUSCP for short.  As you can see from their web page, those initials might as well stand for "American Union of Socialist Catholic Priests".  Look at their pet causes: racism, climate change, death penalty, women priests,etc.  Odd!  I see nothing regarding the death penalty for unborn infants!  By the way, watch that video featuring Fr McAleenan.  Yes, he is a priest despite manner of dress.  Frankly, I think it's just as well that these progressives don't wear clerics for they certainly don't talk as real priests.  He admits that the younger priests aren't enthralled with the "social gospel", owing to the influence of Pope Francis' two most recent predecessors.  But according to McAleenan, Jesus' mission was all about "healing" and "being registered to vote", yada-yada, nothing about redemption from sin, eternal salvation, sacraments, etc.  Of course they are trash-talking Archbishop Vigano.

Church Militant highlighted one good bishop this week, Bishop Daniel Thomas of Toledo.  He formalized the excommunication of Beverly Bingle, who went through a mock ordination and is now pretending to offer bogus "sacraments".  She is being coddled by AUSCP.  AUSCP is headquartered in Thomas' diocese.  He is warning his priests and the Catholics in his diocese to stay away from AUSCP.

I know there are some who think the nation's bishops were simply playing the cowards in the face of governmental orders to cut off their congregations from sacramental graces.  Truth be told, I think those orders fit in quite nicely with their attempts to remake the Church into an arm of the New World Order.

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