27 June 2020

Shriven, Annealed, and Houselled!

For those of my readers whose Ecclesiastical Early Modern English is not top flight, I've been to confession (shriven=given absolution), received the anointing of the sick (annealed=anointed), and received Holy Communion (housel=to receive the Blessed Sacrament)!

Since our County is a hot spot and given my underlying problems like COPD, I don't feel comfortable being around more than one or two people. I've availed myself of the dispensation, but I have missed the Sacraments a great deal.

As it happened, we got a new Pastor whilst all this was going on. One of my friends told Father about me and gave him my address. Thursday I got a letter from him containing this week's bulletin and a note introducing himself, saying he was looking forward to meeting me.

I emailed him immediately and we agreed to meet after Mass this evening. I just got home and I feel great! 

I'd appreciate it if you'd offer a prayer of thanksgiving for me that I was able to get right with God.

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