28 June 2020

The Douai Catechism, 1649 - CHAPTER VI. - The First Part of the Hail Mary, or Angelical Salutation.


The Hail Mary, or Angelical Salutation.
Q. WHAT is the Hail Mary?
    A. It is a most honourable salutation to the blessed Virgin Mary, and prayer to her.
Q. How do your prove it lawful to honour her?
    A. Out of Luke i. 48, where (by inspirations from God; she prophesied, saying, "All generations shall call me blessed."
Q. How may parts hath the Hail Mary?
    A. It hath three parts.
Q. What is the first part?
    A. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Q. Who made this part?
    A. The Holy Ghost, though it was delivered by the angel Gabriel, Luke i. 28.
Q. What signifies the word Hail?
    A. It signifies, Rejoice or be glad, O Mother of God.
Q. Why do we invite her by this prayer to rejoice?
    A. Because it renews the memory of her blessed Son's conception, which is an infinite cause of joy to her and the whole court of heaven.
Q. What signifies the word Mary?
    A. It signifies star of the sea.
Q. Why is she properly called the star of the sea?
    A. Because she shines on us by her exemplary virtue in this sea of miseries, like a most glorious star.
Q. What mean you by the words, full of grace?
    A. I mean that the Blessed Virgin hath a special fulness and prerogative of grace for the conception of her Son.
Q. What means, The Lord is with thee?
    A. It means that the whole Trinity was with her at the time in a particular manner.
Q. How declare you that?
    A. Because the Father was with her, as with his Spouse, the Son as with his Mother, the Holy Ghost was with her, as with his choicest tabernacle.
 Q. Are they also now with her?
    A. They are in glory, and will be so for all eternity.

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