27 October 2019

The UN and One World Worship

Again, from 2011, an explanation of where the globalists hope the worship of Pachamama and similar pagan 'gods' will lead.

From The American Thinker

By Fay Voshell

Bolivia's president Morales, having achieved the establishment of pantheism as his country's official religion, has taken his religious agenda to the UN, which has acceded to his wishes by establishing April 22 as Mother Earth Day, thus establishing the worship of the goddess Pachamama (known as Gaia in other circles).   

Normally, one would react to a UN resolution giving goddess Mother Earth the same rights as humans with a yawn.  But Morales, his Green supporters, fellow globalists, believers in liberation theology and the Marxist dialectic take the resolution quite seriously, as the UN is seen as an international vehicle for accomplishing goals long in the making.

One would suppose the UN would be committed to cultural and religious diversity, eschewing the establishment of a global religion, given the fact it has representatives from countries around the world.  But as it turns out, the UN has long had an interest in a global government and universal religion.

Who would have thought it?  

Actually, it turns out a few odd but prophetic figures have been warning about the UN's intent to establish global governance and a unifying world religion for decades, among them the much vilified Reverend Carl McIntire, deceased since 2002.

For those who do not recognize the admittedly obscure name, McIntire was a fiery fundamentalist and anti-communist preacher who enraged the Federal Communications Commission by his truculent stand against the Fairness Doctrine.  His radio station, WXUR, remains the only radio or television station to be refused license renewal on that ground, as the FCC deemed his broadcasts unfair.  Undeterred by the shutdown, McIntire converted a WWII mine sweeper into a radio station and floated it and his broadcast off Cape May, hovering just three miles out in international waters where the all hearing ear of the FCC could continue monitoring his defiant non-compliance for the brief ten hours his militant pirate station remained on air.

The resulting kerfuffle would lead to the demise of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 and to the rise of conservative talk radio, putting an end to the near monopoly of liberal media just in time for the explosion of the internet and alternate media.

The burgeoning conservative media owes the erstwhile Bible Presbyterian preacher a debt of gratitude.

But conservatives may owe an even greater debt to the Reverend McIntire.  Predictably he was lambasted regularly by liberals, who regarded him as a right wing nut case for warning all who would listen that vast and nefarious efforts were afoot to promote One World Government and One World Religion.  McIntire was particularly suspicious of world organizations, among which were the United Nations and the World Council of Churches.  He saw both as hopelessly infiltrated with Marxist goons and religious poseurs.

It happened he had some good reasons for his prescient suspicions.  In a 1994 lecture, McIntire pointed out the UN had finally established a Commission on Religion devoted to establishing one world worship.  He wrote that the environmentalist movement in the UN wanted a world religion which would support "sustainable development."  To that end, the commission supported the "Gaia hypothesis," which holds the earth itself is a deity which humans should worship.  Further, the commission supported the idea the UN should be the universal instrument, the "church" through which the goddess' purposes and forms of worship should be actualized.

McIntire went on to clarify the philosophical and theological assumptions of the Gaia Hypothesis, which were aided and abetted by the prominent globalist theologian Han Kung.  Kung was commissioned by UNESCO in 1991 to create a "Declaration of Global Ethic."  Kung obliged, further declaring in his opus Global Responsibility: In Search of a World Ethic that:

traditional religions have an ethical obligation to cease to exist...there will be no room for religious diversity because if ethics is to function for the wellbeing of all, it must be indivisible.  The Undivided World increasingly need [sic] an undivided ethic.

Citing the radical actions of the UN, the World Council of Churches, and the ecumenical movement as evidence of the aims of the globalist religion movement, McIntire mourned that none of the alarming developments were being carried by the main media, though the goals of the global religionists seemed very clear to him.  He wrote:

At last we get to the point of what is at stake.  [Spokesmen at globalists' conferences] sought to indict fundamentalism as a global menace.  Then the indictment accumulates its support announcing that they have to deal with religious extremism.  This note was taken up by the Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, who urged the leaders of the three monotheistic religions to weed out the extremes from their respective faiths...there was also an unprecedented media campaign in the election of 1994 against the "Religious Right." They were demonized as enemies of democracy and civil liberties.

McIntire has been proved politically correct in the true meaning of that term, as leftist politicians continually have tarred all political reform movements with the brush of "extremism."

The Reverend also regarded the emphasis on the universal "Brotherhood of Man" with suspicion, seeing the phrase as a communist trope and labeling it a "collectivistic idea" designed to control economic and social freedom.  Once again, McIntire was correct, as communism does see the human race in universal terms of a brotherhood united by Marxist ideology.

What he did not say is that communism has always been hampered by its lack of appeal to the religious.  A chief reason for Marxism's lack of appeal to people of faith has been its intransigently brutal atheism, perhaps best illustrated by the depredations of Stalin's Soviet Union.  The hostility toward people of faith, especially that of the Russian Orthodox Christians, culminated in the blow up of Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior.  But that incident was preceded by decades of oppressive ideological determination to eradicate all traces of religion, as evidenced by archival footage of Stalinist lackeys bulldozing ancient churches and burning priceless icons.

But with the official establishment of the worship of a goddess of the earth, we now see a broad ranging attempt to rectify communism's atheist problem; first by the embracing of communism's basic tenets by liberation theology, which is characterized by Marxist dialect applied as a hard shell lacquer over traditional Christian theology; and secondly, by the substitution of a Gaia/Pachamama Earth goddess for the Judeo/Christian God. 

The two overtly religious substitutions for atheism are perfectly suited to Marxist goals.

That is because the coupling of the worship of an Earth Goddess with pseudo religious Marxist dialectics results in the perfect rationale for actualizing a redistributionist "religion."  The Marxist concept of an international, unified brotherhood and new world order is now united with a pantheistic religion perfectly suited to redistributionist ends on the bases of core pantheistic beliefs.

We can expect that rationale to be articulated and to play out, within the UN and elsewhere, as follows:

The divine Mother Earth's treasures are limited and distributed unequally.  Therefore, her resources should be divided equally to all by a new UN priesthood which divines, follows, interprets, and enforces the eleven commandments of Pachamama/Gaia.

While all nations are guilty of sinning against Mother Earth, the chief sinner among nations is the wicked capitalist United States, which though responsible for about 25% of production, has sucked up Mother Earth's resources at a rate of consumption that has ravaged and imperiled the impoverished nations of the earth.  US imperialism and capitalistic heresies must be extinguished and a new age of peace and security ushered in by the faithful worshipers of Mother Earth. 

First, America must be punished for her sins.  She must be reduced to the status of all other nations, exiled from the society of the victimized nations of the earth, properly and justly humiliated.  The great Whore of Babylon (the United States) must be brought down along with the Little Satan (Israel) while the righteous (all victimized nations) are lifted from the ash heap, raised up by the wealth seized from the aforementioned predatory nations. 

Those peoples and nations who are extremists tied to traditional religions and outdated capitalism must be defeated and eliminated as enemies of the New Law and the New World Order, for their backward looking views inhibit the rise of the inevitable global governance as well as disturb the unanimity of the Brotherhood.

In the place of the old, corrupt world order will rise a new utopia in which every human being will have his apportioned allotment of the world's resources.  No one will be in want and all will live in peace and harmony to the end of their days.

Poor Carl McIntire.  He probably didn't want to see his prophecies come true, and would no doubt cringe to see the triumph of the Earth Goddess.  He also probably would have noted with sadness that this year Mother Earth Day supplanted one of Christianity's highest holy days, Good Friday.

Finally, he along with millions of others might note a seemingly small but significant indication of the victorious march of Pachamama/Gaia.  On Good Friday, April22, Google changed its logo -- perhaps unwittingly -- to a modern version of Edward Hicks "Peaceable Kingdom."  Pandas, penguins, a lion, a frog, a koala bear, and a fish frolic happily in a peaceable New World.

But there are three beings notably absent in Google's saccharine version of the Peaceable Kingdom, though all three appear in the Hicks' version.  There is no child leading the animals -- in fact, there is no human being present at all.  There is no Lamb.  And there is no asp, no sign that Evil's fangs no longer possess venom.

Just in time for Easter, the new logo is cleansed completely of the redemptive vision characteristic of Christianity.  It resonates perfectly and eerily with the vision of the One World religion now endorsed by the United Nations: Mother Earth and her creatures are united in peace and harmony, cleansed at last from Nature's worst predator: humanity.

Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, let them see and hear.  Like Carl McIntire -- may he rest in peace -- let them take note of the signs of the times.

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  1. I have a couple of his old anti-UN brochures and all I can say is that he was a man ahead of his time. I wish he were still here and broadcasting. MLF


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