30 October 2019

Off the Menu: Episode 100 - Hundredth Anniversary!

Topics include the scandalous gift of St Peter's relics to the schismatics, the history of Papal selection, and of Papal Coronations and its abolition, and debunking the myth of the droit du seigneur or jus primae noctis.

8:50 Charles a Good Will Ambassador?  
12:54 Memes n Dreams  
22:43 History of an Armed Populace  
27:50 Accepting the Papacy  
29:47 Sacramental Initiation of Papacy?  
34:00 Reassurance of Pope's Intentions  
41:00 History of Marriage Annulments  
44:03 St. Peter's Relics to Constantinople  
46:12 Historicity of "right of the first night"  
52:31 "In Light of the Gospel..."  
57:00 Gentrification  
1:00:55 Hope for America?

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