27 January 2019

Conspiracy Is Afoot Against Pope — Kasper Convinced

Kasper the Friendly Ghost is running scared! 'Conspiracy'? I doubt it. Thousands, if not millions, of Catholics praying for an end to this horrifying nightmare? Yes.

From The Eponymous Flower

Is a plot against Pope Francis in progress? Cardinal Kasper is convinced of it.

(Rome) Cardinal Kasper, the spirit rector of the current pontificate, warns against a forced resignation of Pope Francis.

The former bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and emeritus Prefect of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity is one of the figures who prepared the pontificate of the reigning pope. Kasper joined in, shortly after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.,
even though publicly warned by the recently resigned church leader, not to interfere in the election of his successor during the 2013 sedevacant.  Katholisches.info wrote: 

 Today it is known that Kasper belonged to the internal church secret circle of Sankt Gallen, in which high and highest churchmen have gathered since the 90s. He was also a member of the Bergoglio team, a four-member "executive body" of the secret society charged with preparing for the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The secret circle had chosen him as the candidate of the progressive Fronde.

Since the election of Pope Francis Cardinal Kasper, whose theology is Hegelian, is considered "the theologian of the pope". In the most controversial moments of the current pontificate, the handwriting of Kasper can clearly be seen: from the admission of so-called remarried divorced to the sacraments to the admission of Protestants to Holy Communion. In both cases one can speak of a real existing Protestantization of the Catholic Church.

Yesterday, Kasper warned in a newspaper interview of a "forced resignation,” i.e. a de facto deposing of Pope Francis. The interview was published by the left-liberal Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano (FQ). The occasion was an ARD interview, in which he spoke of internal Church opponents of Pope Francis, who want to force the Argentine church leader to resign. The word "conspiracy" then went around the world. The Italian daily Libero spoke of "Kasper's bomb". The opponents of the Pope want to "shift Francis out to get to a new conclave.”

The interviews bear witness to a certain amount of nervousness associated with the recent abuse scandals and doubtful ways of the lives of bishops and cardinals who have come to prominence over the past 12 months and do not show Pope Francis in the best light in various ways. There was the impression that in several cases, despite being aware of misconduct or abuse, he remained inactive or even protected potential perpetrators. All cases known in this context concern bishops or cardinals who are close to Pope Francis.

The aforementioned nervousness has increased abruptly since the end of August as the former nuncio to the US, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, published a dossier on the case of ex-Cardinal McCarrick and made serious allegations against Pope Francis in it. And since October 2018, when a direct response to this, an initiative by Catholic laymen in the US announced that they wanted to screen all cardinals for a future conclave in order to expose abusers or cover-ups. Above all, the initiative with dossiers aims to prevent the cardinals, but also the journalists and the world public, from knowing almost nothing about some cardinals, especially the positions they represent, as was the case with Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The initiative provides more than $1 million annually for expert and professional research.

Since the emergence of this lay initiative, liberal secular and progressive church media have seen a backlash from the New York Times. It claims a "conspiracy" against Pope Francis and gives the impression that there is something like a conservative secret circle of St. Gallen. But there is no trace of such a thing. The intention behind this attempt is all the clearer. The unveiling of the progressive secret circle of St. Gallen is perceived as a burden in the circle of the collaborators of Pope Francis. The piquant thing is that it was just a member of the secret circle itself, namely the progressive pederast enabler, Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who in obvious conquest of the successful choice of Francis and the new course of the Church divulged the existence of a Secret St. Galen “mafia”.

Kasper's speeches show that with the nearing of the Abuse Summit at the end of February, which is overshadowed by new abuse scandals, there is mounting tension among the Pope’s clique of favorites.

The cardinal does not want the word "plot" in the ARD interview, at least not openly. In the matter, however, he repeated his testimony and sent out several signals with his carefully considered words.

"A forced resignation would not be valid"

Q: If you're talking about a plot against Pope Francis, what exactly are you referring to?

Cardinal Kasper: I still have to look at the translation of my German text. I can not say if the translation is correct. Still, I'm talking about groups that are publicly critical of Pope Francis.

Q: Who wants the end of this pontificate today and why?

Cardinal Kasper: The answer can be found on the Internet, on Catholic websites, in Italian, German, English ...

Q: What happens to the Curia at the moment of such high tension: are dossiers in circulation?

Cardinal Kasper: I am an emeritus cardinal. I do not have access to these dossiers. I'm doing theology again.

Q: You claim that the subject of sexual abuse has become a mode of discrediting Francis rather than an old and very serious evil.

Cardinal Kasper: I am not saying that the scandal of sexual abuse is only an instrument against Pope Francis. On the contrary, it's a real scandal and a crime to me, and you have to do everything to eradicate it and make it clear. I'm just saying that some are taking advantage of this scandal to harm the Pope. Others use it for their agenda against celibacy. That's what I call a misuse of abuse.

FQ: You have always supported Francis and his reform. Have you never talked to the Pope about the plot?

Cardinal Kasper: It is true that I am on the side of the Pope, but there are only very rare, personal encounters. I do not use the term conspiracy. I never spoke to him about it.

Q: Would Francis never resign?

Cardinal Kasper: According to the rules of canon law and the conditions laid down there, a pope can resign. This is a completely personal and free decision, which in reality has been very rare so far. A forced resignation would be invalid. For me: Habemus Papam and I'm glad about it. That's why I had no reason to think about and discuss such an unlikely eventuality.

Q: The resignation of Joseph Ratzinger took place spontaneously?

Cardinal Kasper: I’ve  known Benedict XVI. for 55 years. I know that he thought and prayed for a long time long before he announced his resignation from the Petrine ministry. He has explained, and I take that seriously, that he did it in complete freedom and for the reasons he gave in his statement to the Cardinals. It was a humble, generous and courageous decision that deserves all respect.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: FQ (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

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