31 January 2019

All Too Evident Insanity.

Mundabor has some interesting and encouraging thoughts on the recent developments in New York. I agree with him. Keep up the good fight!

From Mundabor's Blog

The new, uber-Nazi abortion legislation in New York, declaring an evident evil a sort of human right and allowing what was called “very late abortion” has sickened me and, I am sure, anyone with a shred of humanity left in them.
This rabid reaction to a growing anti-abortion movement will backfire. In fact, it will help many people to realise the darkness of the soul of any individual able to propose such measures.
Most people aren’t logical. Emotions drive the way they think, and vote. They are told “reproductive rights”, and they have in front of them the image of the crying girl, made pregnant by a selfish boy who is now drinking beer with his friends, whilst only abortion legislation saves the “poor girl” from a horrible, assured “death by hanger”. The poor unborn baby is not in the picture, because the poor simpletons can’t picture him. But show to the emotional, uninformed and irreligious masses the baby in his own physical aspect, clearly recognisable as a human (in the more and more advanced scanning techniques, or in the absurdity of an abortion basically during the preparation for birth) and things will slowly change; because even a generation unable to think is able to see.
The New York legislation, and the other initiatives now being proposed in Virginia and elsewhere, are no smart moves. They are the satanic reaction of people who feel encircled, as the cause of sanity advances not only in the demographics of the Country, but also in the appointment of judges and justices. It is not a wave. It is a tide rising slowly, but surely. In time, and by the grace of God, it will submerge them all. I pray that it will be in my lifetime, and I feel that the aim is so near now like it has not been in decades. Thank you, Lord, for President Donald John Trump.
I am not worried because Cardinal Dolan is the nincompoop we all know and despise. I was not expecting that the guy discovers Catholicism. I think that the enemy is now unwittingly helping our cause to prosper as the atrociousness of late term abortion is made evident to everyone and further exposed by the technology advancements.
The next push for sanity will come from this all too evident insanity.

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