28 January 2019

Church Militant Headlines—January 28, 2019

Cheesehead Dolan, a yellowbellied cashsucker, catching flak for his refusal to excommunicate anti-Catholic Cuomo, Malone stonewall on abuse settlements, Muslims bomb Church in Philippines, killing 20.

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  1. I believe they are buds, aren't they? Aren't there a kahzillion photos showing Dolan and Cuomo yukking it up at fancy NY soirees? He's not going to do any excommunicating over this. That would require Dolan have the Catholic faith, and as we have seen time and again these Modernists do not have the Catholic faith.
    At least the lid is off and the pretense is over. If bishops do not defend babies about to be born but instead murdered, and now it can be by anybody, it doesn't even have to be by a doctor, a professional hit, it can be anybody, if they don't care about that blatant, in our face, positively, absolutely, 100% bona fide evil, then we can stop waiting around for them to care about anything as trivial as teen boys or seminarians being sexually molested by clergy. They obviously don't care about that either.
    We're so done with these guys. It's become torture to have to look at them at all.


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