29 January 2019

30 January, The Roman Martyrology

Tértio Kaléndas Februárii Luna vicesima quarta Anno Domini 2019

On the morrow we keep the feast of the holy virgin and Martyr Martina, (third century,) of whom mention is made upon the 1st day of January. 
January 30th 2019, the 24th day of the Moon, were born into a better life: 

At Antioch, the blessed martyr Hippolytus, (third century.) He was a Priest who had been led astray into the Novatian schism, but by the operation of the grace of Christ had corrected himself, and had returned into the unity of the Church, for which and within which he afterwards achieved a noble martyrdom. When he was asked by his people which were the true Body, he denied the doctrine of Novatus, and declared that the faith which men ought to keep is the faith which the See of Peter keepeth, and so offered his neck to the executioner. 
In Africa, the holy martyrs Felician, Philappian, and 124 others. 
At Edessa, in Syria, the holy martyr Barsimceus, Bishop of that city, who converted many Gentiles to the faith, and sent them before him to the crown, but himself followed them with the palm of martyrdom under the Emperor Trajan, (second century.) Likewise, at Edessa, holy Barsen, Bishop of that See, who was famous for the grace of healing, but who on account of his Catholic belief was banished to the uttermost parts of that country by the Arian Emperor Valens, and there finished his earthly life, (in the year 379.) 
Likewise the blessed Alexander. He was arrested in the persecution under the Emperor Decius, and died under the torture, (in the year 251,) venerable for his grey hairs and illustrious for his repeated confession. 
At Jerusalem, holy Matthias, Patriarch of that place, (in the second century,) of whom are narrated wondrous acts of faith. He suffered much for Christ's sake under the Emperor Hadrian, but at length fell asleep in peace. 
At Rome, holy Pope Felix (IV, Pope in 526, died in 530,) who laboured much for the Catholic faith. 
At Pavia, the holy Confessor Armentarius, Bishop of that See, (in the year 730.) 
In the monastery of Maubeuge, in Hainaut, in the time of King Dagobert, the holy Virgin Aldegundis, (about the year 689.) 
At Milan, holy Savina, a devout woman, who fell asleep in the Lord, (in the year 311,) while she was praying at the graves of the holy martyrs Nabor and Felix. 
At Viterbo, the holy Virgin Hyacinth de' Mariscotti, (in the year 1640,) a nun of the Third Order of St. Francis, eminent for penitence and for love, whose name Pope Pius VII enrolled with those of the saints. 
V. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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