28 August 2021

Priest Announces He and People Have Been Forbidden To Say St. Michael Prayer and Hail Mary After Mass.

But that's TRADITIONAL! We can't have that, now, can we? Or at least so says one of Cardinal Cupich's minions.

From Fr Z's Blog

UPDATE: For commonsense….

I will turn comments off for this, though I would like for a lot of people to see it. Share it.

This priest in Libertyville, IL, was required by Card. Cupich to cease praying the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel publicly after Mass.  People can say it silently on their own, but they can’t pray it collectively.  He was also told not to say a Hail Mary after Mass.

It might take a moment for the video to download.  HERE

[UPDATE: I have a report that audio plays on computers but not on phones.]

I can think of a couple of reasons why this diktat might have come down.

Perhaps there was a person who didn’t like it, complained, and took all the oxygen out of the room for everyone else.  It’s plausible.  There are countless instances of bishops listening to one Karen and not backing the priest.

Otherwise, praying a Hail Mary and the St. Michael Prayer after Mass is what is done after the Traditional Latin Mass.  Can’t have that!  Gotta stomp that out.

It could be both.

It could be neither.

Either way, it’s just plain sad.

Get ready for more of this.

Meanwhile, pledge to be a Custos Traditionis.

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